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Call for change at the International Battery Recycling Congress

Posted on: October 10th, 2017

Presentations at the International Congress on Battery Recycling discussed the state of the market and the importance of creating a circular economy, finding Australia to be the most unsustainable country. Even as the market for batteries booms, Australia falls short with our recycling rate for handheld batteries hovering around 3%, compared to countries such as Portugal, and other EU countries that are moving beyond 70%.

A presentation by Vera Susanne Rotter specifically called out Australia, indicating that if everyone on the planet lived according to Australian standards, we would require 5.2 earth’s resources to maintain the lifestyle (Source: Global Footprint Newtork National Footprint Accounts 2017). The report highlighted the need inventories of primary and secondary raw materials, establishment of supply restrains, coherent political targets, and support for installation of recycling infrastructure. To read the press release, click here..