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Handheld battery stewardship update

Posted on: January 6th, 2014

The second meeting of the Battery Implementation Working Group (BIWG) was held in Melbourne in November 2013. International representatives from Proctor & Gamble (UK) and Energizer (US) attended to provide an international brand owner perspective.

The BIWG was formed in mid 2013 to progress work on a model product stewardship scheme for handheld batteries. It includes representatives from the Australian, Queensland and Victorian Governments and a number of industry associations including ABRI.

The BIWG is currently working on two projects to inform the design of the stewardship scheme. The first is a research study into market share and stocks and flows of handheld batteries in Australia. A consultant will be appointed to undertake the study in late January and their draft report is expected to be submitted in late April.

This research will provide essential information for the design of the scheme, including:
– battery imports by manufacturer, brand, type (primary or secondary) and chemical composition
– the estimated weight of imported handheld batteries
– the main categories of products that contain a battery and their proportion of the battery market
– the fate of end-of-life handheld batteries, including the amount recycled and landfilled
– embedded batteries by product type and brand that could be collected by other product stewardship schemes.

The BIWG is also developing a discussion paper on key issues for the design of the stewardship scheme, including principles, scope, management, funding, and performance indicators. The first draft of this paper will be presented to jurisdictions and the Battery Reference Group at meetings proposed for 19 February in Canberra. The BIWG holds its third meeting on 20 February in Canberra and will discuss further development of the discussion paper and model product stewardship scheme.

The Battery Reference Group will provide all interested stakeholders with an opportunity to have input into the design of the scheme. Information about the role of the Battery Reference Group is currently being prepared and will be available to interested parties. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for the Battery Reference Group please advise Kylie Hughes on