Australian Battery Recycling Initiative
ABRI's vision is simple: to achieve battery stewardship in Australia

Membership Benefits

Gain access to research and market analysis

Until recently there were no reliable national statistics on battery sales and recycling rates. In 2010 ABRI undertook a national baseline study and made the results available to its members, government agencies and others for use in the development of policies relating to waste and other regulations. The study is a valuable resource for all members and will enable companies to benchmark their recovery and recycling performance.

Influence the development of national policies and programs for battery recycling to ensure that they support your business goals

The principles of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility (EPR) are now firmly on the policy agenda. Batteries have been identified as a target waste product in several states and are also incorporated as components of other target products such as computers, televisions and mobile phones. National framework legislation for product stewardship is expected to be introduced in 2011 to support voluntary, co-regulatory or mandatory recovery schemes for a wide range of products.

ABRI Members will have access to model guidelines for effective battery stewardship including take-back and other product recovery and recycling initiatives. ABRI members will also benefit from advocacy and the collective voice of our lobbying efforts with Government.

Work with industry, government and community stakeholders to expand the infrastructure for battery collection and recycling

One of ABRI’s objectives is to expand the infrastructure for collection and recycling of all batteries, including automotive, industrial, general household and specialist batteries. We are a partner, with Sustainability Victoria, in the BatteryBack collection and recycling trial in Victoria. This research and other trials will provide ABRI members with data to inform the development of their own programs.

Help to develop and promote safe and environmentally responsible management of batteries at end of life

Splintered approaches to battery stewardship to date have resulted in inappropriate disposal of used batteries in landfill, contamination of other recovery streams (by batteries), illegal export of batteries from Australia and a need for effective resource recovery mechanisms. ABRI now exists to provide industry leadership and knowledge to achieve effective industry stewardship of batteries. Its collective ’know-how’ and shared member experiences provide a lower risk route for all industry participants to implement best practice.

Collaborate and network with other industry members

ABRI provides an opportunity for members to collaborate on recovery and recycling initiatives and to collectively achieve effective battery stewardship. Sharing the cost of initiatives amongst participants offers lower costs to acquire valuable data, experience and knowledge and reduces the risks associated with stand-alone initiatives.

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