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NSW Scrap Metal Bill – what it means for battery recyclers

Posted on: April 25th, 2017

At our recent AGM, we invited Paul Skuratowski, Detective Chief Inspector: State Crime Command, Property Crime Squad & Con Galea, Chief Inspector in Charge, Motor Unit to answer our questions about the Act.

The short story is that the definition of scrap metal includes anything of commercial value that is made from or contains metal, and is sold or obtained as scrap for recycling or reprocessing of the metal.

The advice from the Inspectors was that battery recyclers are likely covered under this definition

To comply with the requirements of the act, business are required to, among other things:

– Register with the NSW Commissioner of Police,
– Stop paying cash for scrap metal,
– Keep records of transactions for buying scrap metal,
– Keep details of the buyers for those transactions, and
– Report suspicious transactions to the police.

While the initial driver for the act was to prevent motor vehicle crime, it was clear from their discussions that the scope is very broad. They suggested that individual recyclers may want to seek legal advice regarding the need to apply, however they did indicate that scrap batteries do fall under the definition.

To review the the bill itself by clicking here.

To read their fact sheets on the topic, click here.

If you have questions for the department, it is best to do so in writing.

The intent of the Act is to reduce illegal activity in the industry and as such it is expected that it will of benefit to responsible recyclers as illegal dealings are reduced.

Contact details for Detective Chief InspectorPaul Skuratowski are as follows: