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Opportunity to partner in future cities CRC

Posted on: May 8th, 2018

Cities pose the biggest challenges in the future – most people will be living there, how we deal with urban energy, water, waste and transport challenges while ensuring people’s health, well-being and comfort and providing evidence based solutions for design, planning and policy outcomes are all critical inputs to better cities. Policies driving some of the solutions like renewable energy and storage also have end of life consideration to be thought through because waste chain is clearly very important. A new research and innovation hub is being developed to have a national and holistic approach to innovative solutions for future cities. A Prospectus has been prepared outlining opportunities for Australian industry to be part of future technologies, systems and materials which underpin better cities. It is looking for industry and government partners at present so anyone interested please contact the named bid leaders in the prospectus.

To read the Prospectus, click here.