Australian Battery Recycling Initiative
ABRI's vision is simple: to achieve battery stewardship in Australia

Lithium-ion batteries

The number of lithium-ion reaching end of life is expected to increase exponentially over the next 20 years. A report from Randell Environmental Consulting and Blue Environment can be downloaded here.

A report from Anna Boyden on the environmental impacts of lithium ion batteries provides useful background material and can be downloaded here.

Lithium-ion batteries (UN No. 3480) are classified as Dangerous Goods under the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (ADG Code).

The ADG Code requires all dangerous goods, including lithium ion batteries, to be carried in a secure, safe and environmentally controlled manner. The carrier has the right to refuse carriage if dangerous goods are not packed in accordance with the regulations. There is a special provision (377) and packaging instruction (P909) for ‘lithium ion and lithium metal cells and batteries and equipment containing such cells and batteries transported for disposal or recycling, either packed together with or packed without non-lithium batteries…’

The following ABRI members provide a collection and recycling service for used lithium-ion batteries. Contact the company or check their web site for details.

CMA Ecocycle

Visit website here
Tel:1300 32 62 92

Envirostream Australia Pty Ltd

Tel: 03 9357 5346

MRI (Aust) Pty Ltd

Tel: 03 9303 1814
Download a list of MRI’s branches

PF Metals

Tel: 1800 727 2748

Powercell (Australia) Trading Pty Ltd

Tel: +61 8 8223-2011

Sims Recycling Solutions

Tel: 02 8708 2015

TES-AMM Australia Pty Ltd

(Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane only)
Tel: 1300 730 621