Australian Battery Recycling Initiative
ABRI's vision is simple: to achieve battery stewardship in Australia

ABRI Publications

170101-ABRI Reuse Policy
1701124 ABRI Guidelines – Packing ULABs
170315 Media Release Battery EOL
180219-Battery Stewardship Industry Briefing Invitation
ABRI brochure ‘Promoting effective stewardship for batteries’
ABRI Member Profile: Century Yuasa (180523)
ABRI News – ICBR 2017 (171004)
ABRI News March 2011
ABRI News September 2010
ABRI_Choosing a responsible recycler_final
Analysis of lead acid batteries in Western Australia, May 2012
Battery consumption, recycling and disposal in Australia:Executive Summary
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Battery recovery and recycling rates 2010
Recovery and recycling rates from Warnken ISE (2010), recalculated
Battery Stewardship: Accessing International Experience (171222)
Battery waste and recycling – Article in Issues magazine
Green purchasing guidelines for dry cell batteries
Handheld battery recycling Q&A 2014
MS2_SV_Battery_Stewardship_Background_Paper_and_Report_final 0613
Now is the Time for a National Battery Stewardship Scheme! (171207)